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How to Fit Furniture in a Small Bedroom

By Daniel Burman on 20th May 2019

Small bedrooms can be incredibly comfortable and convenient, but it’s also very easy to accidentally overfill your rooms and end up with a cramped and uncomfortable place to sleep and spend your nights.

If you’re forced to deal with a small bedroom, then you may experience difficulty with fitting any kind of furniture in. One way you might be dealing with this is through trial and error, but rearranging the furniture in a small room is both time-consuming and tedious.

Here are a couple of ideas that you can follow to help you fit more furniture into a small bedroom.

Start with the largest pieces of furniture

Small Bedroom

The two largest pieces of furniture in your room are likely your bed and a wardrobe. The bed is likely going to be the centrepiece and depending on the size of your room could either be a single or a double.


If you have the luxury of picking then a single will obviously give you more room, but if you use your bedroom for other things such as occasionally doing work or exercising then more space is always welcome so you should stick to a single.

Your wardrobe is likely the largest piece of furniture in your room if you go with a single bed so it’s a good idea to place it quite far away from your door if possible. The same rule applies to the bed since you can then move around furniture more easily.

Once you have the largest pieces of furniture in place, you can then start to worry about other smaller furniture bits like a side table or a small desk.

Decorative items should be left till last

Smaller objects such as bookshelf decor, alarm clocks and posters should ideally be left till last because you’ll never know how much room you actually have to add these items.

Instead of guessing at the end of your furniture rearrangement, simply keep them out until you’ve finished the furniture placement of all of your essential pieces so you know exactly how much space you have for smaller additions.

Set your priorities

Everyone has their own priorities when it comes to designing a bedroom. Whether you’re looking to create an elegant place to relax or a multi-functional workspace that acts as both a bed and an office room, it’s important that you consider what the main function of your room is going to be so that you can prioritise the most important pieces of furniture.

For instance, if you have a separate walk-in closet or storage area then you likely don’t need a wardrobe in your bedroom.

Likewise, if you have another place where you can get work done then you don’t necessarily need a desk in your bedroom. With your priorities straight, you can actually think ahead about what type of furniture to measure and purchase to fit into your small bedroom.

Always measure your room and your existing furniture

Before you invest in any new furniture, make sure you’ve measured out the dimensions of your room and existing furniture to ensure that anything new you buy can actually fit.

Keep them in a file or a notebook that you have easy access to so that you can easily reference back to these measurements when you need them the most. These measurements will be useful in helping you pick the right furniture, but you should also get into the habit of double-checking the size of any furniture that you purchase online and maybe even consider getting yourself a tape measure and taking it with you to furniture stores so you know exactly how big a piece of furniture is.

Challenge the norm

What would you consider to be essential in a bedroom? Most people would say a bed, a makeup or vanity table, perhaps even a wardrobe. However, if you’re the adventurous type that doesn’t mind breaking tradition and thinking outside the box, then it’s possible to design a truly unique and comfortable bedroom.

For instance, you could avoid the expense of a regular bed and consider purchasing a roll-up bed or one that can fold out from the wall or a sofa so that you can save space in your bedroom when it’s not in use.

Similarly, you can remove bedside tables and use a portable solution such as a small folding or extendable table. Another example would be to think vertically for storage space, such as adding more shelves or even raising your bed so that the underside can have storage areas built into it.

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