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When people move into a new home, or they are refurbishing their existing home, often it is the bedrooms that get left until the last. This is because usually, they are more concerned about the room’s visitors will see than where they sleep. However, research has shown time and time again that your bedroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and you should give it some priority, not put it at the bottom of the list. It is said that a good bedroom is vital for our mental health, and should be somewhere to relax, not just to sleep.

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Why Are Elegant Fitted Bedrooms Unique?

Elegant Bedrooms is the brand name of a family business that has been making bespoke bedroom furniture for over 30 years. When you want a bedroom that is something special, fitted bedrooms Manchester from Elegant could be the answer. The products are designed to suit your needs and are always made to the highest quality by experts.

The years of experience in producing custom fitted bedrooms means that the knowledge and expertise of their designers can be made available to you. It does not matter if you have a tiny space you need to make the most of or a large bedroom that you want to have multiple uses. As all the fitted bedrooms produced are made to fit in the best possible way, you can be certain that your bedroom will be unique as well as special.

Why make do with mass-produced bedroom furniture that will not stand the test of time, when fitted bedrooms Manchester are of such a high standard that they will last you for many years.

Why You Should Choose Elegant Fitted Bedrooms

Elegant should be your first choice for fitted bedrooms as the understanding that years of producing them for many satisfied customers means that they are hard to beat.  They know what is needed to design perfect fitted bedrooms and have what it takes to manufacture the best furniture to create the room of your dreams.

It does not matter how unusual your requests might be, they will be able to handle it.  The made-to-measure quality provided by Elegant will make sure you are more than delighted with the finished product. You will be pleased from the start of the design process through to the final day of the work, that you chose them for your fitted bedroom.

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What is Special About Elegant Fitted Bedrooms Manchester?

When you are refurbishing your bedroom to make it perfect for you, it could be that you have problems to contend with. It could be an awkwardly shaped room, for instance, but Elegant will have the answer. As they only use locally sourced materials and experienced design experts, it does not matter if you need beds, wardrobes, chests, shelving or anything else to have your ideal room.

After a design visit, the furniture is made to the specifications decided on by yourself and the designer. Each item is made specifically for you by craftsmen who always work to the highest standard. The designers may be able to help you with ideas, but ultimately the fitted bedrooms they produce are what the customer wants. Your needs and wishes are always the top priority when Elegant are producing fitted bedrooms Manchester.


  • Will the Designers Be Able to Give Me an Idea of How the Room Will Look?

    They can do better than that. Elegant has some of the latest technology in 3D computer imaging. You can ask that the designer bring this with them to your design visit and you will be able to see how your room will look, and this will let you make any changes if you are not totally happy with what you see. Alterations are better made at this stage than part way through the project.

  • How Much Will A Design Cost?

    Nothing at all. Elegant does not charge for a design visit as they want you to be certain that you will know exactly how they can help you to achieve the room of your dreams before you spend any of your hard-earned money. This will allow you to understand all the available options and to be given a completely free estimate of the cost. From then on it is your decision whether to proceed, no pressure at all from anyone.

  • What Are the Processes When the Design Has Been Accepted?

    When you are happy with the design and the cost, the furniture will be made especially for your fitted bedroom. It will then be fitted by experienced in-house fitters who will not stop working in your home until you are 100% happy with the project. They have the experience and knowledge to always complete fitted bedrooms Manchester to the very highest standards.

  • Is There a Guarantee?

    Not only is there a guarantee, but at 10 years it is one of the longest in the industry. So confident are they of the craftsmanship of the furniture and their good work of their fitters, that they are able to offer this guarantee for all fitted bedrooms Manchester. This means that should you encounter a problem, which is very rare indeed, the matter will be dealt with immediately. You can purchase your fitted bedroom safe in the knowledge that you have chosen one if the best companies around to complete the work for you.

  • Getting in Touch with Elegant for Fitted Bedrooms

    If the time has come to refurbish your bedroom, why not give Elegant Bedrooms a ring today and arrange for your free design visit. You can call them or email them, and your request will be dealt with promptly. Before you know it, you could be enjoying the fitted bedroom of your dreams.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements and get a quote for an Elegant fitted bedroom.

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