Poliform is a brand name that’s synonymous with quality and high-end furniture items. This Italian company has decades of prestige behind it, and the furniture they produce is of an undeniably high quality. Their bespoke furniture items are worked on by some of the world’s top designers, and you can be sure that when you purchase their furniture, it’ll exude the quality and class you expect from it. Their reputation is not merely built on past successes either; Poliform continues to innovate and improve.

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Furniture that possesses Italian elegance and stunning designs

One of the things that people like most about the furniture manufactured by Poliform is the elegance it offers. Their designs are all about luxury and elegance, as well as how they bring those two descriptors to your bedroom design. You’ll make the entire room feel more high-end and luxurious if you add one or two furniture pieces from Poliform to it.

Their upholstered furniture is among the best in Europe and the best you’ll find anywhere on the planet. Contemporary Italian designs are what Poliform furniture is all about and the success of the brand shows just how popular these designs are. They can work to improve just about any bedroom and any home. Their passion for design truly shines through in every piece of furniture they make.

Italian Bedroom Furniture

Poliform was properly launched in 1970, and their Italian bedroom furniture designs have been progressing and improving every since then. They’ve become known for combining elegant modernism with something more luxurious and grand. Of course, their range of bedroom furniture is diverse, but their bespoke storage systems, wardrobes, chairs, and beds are all elegant and high-quality. It’s this that makes them so popular.

When your bedroom is made up of Poliform furniture, it takes on a refined and modern form of luxury that works so well with what most people want to achieve in their living spaces these days. It feels coherent and aesthetically pleasing, while also offering a little indulgence that comes from the Italian interior design traditions from which Poliform emerged so long ago. It’s a style that’s hard to beat

They can design entire bedroom systems that are fully formed and practical for all kinds of homeowners and bedroom design needs. These bedroom designs can be seen in Poliform showrooms around the world, and it’s hard not to be massively impressed by them when you see them in person. There’s a showroom in Cheshire you can visit if you want to experience them yourself; you’ll quickly understand the appeal of Poliform.

The elite furniture on display is carefully designed by some of the best-known and experienced furniture designers in the world, and that should give you confidence as a buyer. Each furniture item is rigorously tested and improved during the research and development phase of the design process. By the time it reaches you, it’ll offer the refined elegance and assured quality you rightly expect.

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Poliform Fitted Wardrobes

The fitted wardrobes offered by Poliform come in a variety of designs. Some of them make use of glass with lighting inside. This allows the space to feel more open and make the room brighter. As long as you’re happy to show off what’s inside your wardrobe, this kind of design can work really well and do something out of the ordinary in your bedroom. It’s certainly not be dismissed though.

These wardrobes not only look great and offer ample amounts of storage space; they also offer lightness. That’s what many people want in their bedroom. It makes the space feel bigger and more welcoming as soon as you step inside. The glass doors are transparent and aluminium details are used. They’re fitted by professionals who know how to install these kinds of wardrobes in the safe and proper way.

Of course, there are other kinds of fitted wardrobes offered by Poliform too. You can choose which kinds of materials you want your wardrobes to be made from. There’s a wide range of options, and you will almost certainly be able to find something that fits in with the existing interior design choices that you’ve made in your bedroom. Poliform offers something for everyone; if you don’t wood or glass, for example, you can choose leather hide doors.

The sliding door systems that are used by Poliform when creating their bedroom wardrobe designs offer another reason to consider choosing this brand over the alternatives. They’re functional, easy to use and resilient, which is what you need from the doors of a wardrobe system that you’re going to be using every day of the week for many years still to come.


  • What’s the Product Warranty Like?

    All products manufactured and sold by Poliform come with a warranty that lasts for two years. This includes all of the various aspects of the product, from the mechanisms and hinges to the hardware itself. If you have a problem with your Poliform product during that time, it can be replaced or repaired, depending on the situation and what’s possible. Either way, you’ll have a solution offered to you that works for you.

  • How is Poliform Furniture Designed?

    Continuous research goes into the evolving design process at Poliform. The Poliform Lab is the place where the research, innovation and development of bedroom furniture and other Poliform furniture take place. All new concepts and ideas go through rigorous testing to ensure quality and high standards are maintained by the company. That’s who reliable designs are created on a consistent basis by the people at Poliform.

  • Why Should Customers Trust Poliform with their Bedroom Furniture Needs?

    When you’re looking for new bedroom furniture, Poliform is certainly a name that can’t be dismissed. It’s a family-owned business with an incredible history and amazing prestige. The Italian style and sophistication they bring to the furniture they sell are second to none, and you can see that they take their work very seriously and always aim to please and impress their customers, whether they’re old or new.


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