Raumplus is a leading German manufacturer with more than three decades worth of experience creating bedroom furniture with modern designs. They offer a range of customisation options, allowing customers to gain access to the kinds of designs that suit them and their homes best of all. They’re specialists in the arena of interiors and they understand what homeowners want from their bedroom furniture. If you’re looking for something efficient, well-designed and customisable, Raumplus has you covered.

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A German brand known for impressive modern designs

The brand name offers assurance to customers all over the world. It’s no coincidence that the brand is so highly regarded when you look at the quality of their products. Raumplus sliding door systems are particularly popular and loved all over the world because of the practicality and style they bring to a range of bedroom furniture products. Anyone who’s used them knows exactly how impressive they are. You know you’re getting real quality when you choose to buy from Raumplus.

They offer everything from top hung sliding systems to angled door designs and a range of finishes for all their products for you to choose from. They work to produce these products in a flexible way and ensure that each customer is listened to and given exactly what they were looking for. It’s a family-owned company with a huge history to back up its success and adoration.

Raumplus Products

The first thing to know about Raumplus products is that they’re designed with the needs of customers in mind. They look at the specifications of your space and the wider situation in order to come up with a design and product solutions, taking into account your needs and stylistic and design preferences along the way too. Everything they do will be in line with your wishes.

Their built-in closets with sliding door mechanisms are very popular. Not only do they function how you need them to, but they can also be designed to fit the very specific needs of your bedroom space, no matter the size or shape of it. This helps to ensure you don’t have to settle for something that sort of works or sort fits. It will all come together with precision and elegance.

They also offer a range of dressers and walk-in closets. The walk-in closets are ideal for anyone with a large space to work with. If you’ve always loved the idea of having your own walk-in closet, the ones designed and installed by Raumplus are the best out there. They offer you the dream walk-in closet you want while also delivering it with elegance.

The dressers created by Raumplus can fit in with your other interior design choices, while remaining stand-alone. These are examples of the modular furniture offered by  Raumplus, and they can be positioned anywhere you like in your space, as well as being combined with other Raumplus fittings if you wish as well.

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Fitted Bedrooms

Fitted bedrooms require precision planning and Raumplus can do that better than any other company. Putting your trust in Raumplus is pretty easy considering the quality of their designs and products. It makes sense to let the company take care of all the fitted furniture in your bedroom because they can tailor the overall design to the needs of the room and bring their famed functionality with them.

The wardrobes, dressers and room dividers are all of the highest quality and these various options can be combined in ways that get the most out of your bedroom space, maximise your storage options and make the room’s overall design feel unified and creative. Of course, you’ll have the final say on all of the different elements that combine to create the room’s design.

There’s a wide range of door designs available for you to choose from, allowing you to get it looking just how you want. And whichever design you end up settling on, you’ll always be able to count on the manufacturing quality and functionality of the furniture. It’s what Raumplus is best known for in the world of interior design.

You can opt for a very vibrant design in your bedroom if you want to because Raumplus offer a variety of colour options for you to contrast and choose from. But you can also opt for something much simpler and more minimalist by opting for a cool wood finish that offers both style and simplicity. The beauty of the design process is that the decisions will be made by you and the work done by highly skilled professionals.


  • To What Extent Can Raumplus Products be Customised?

    Each Raumplus furniture item sold by the company is unique, meaning your bedroom furniture can be customised in just about any way it needs to be. You can choose what size and shape you need the furniture to be, and you can choose which design elements you want the furniture to feature, all the way down to the colours, door panels and other minor details.

  • How is Furniture Installed?

    Trained fitters are used by Raumplus to complete any and all installation work. They claim to have very high standards when it comes to installation, and that they use the best-trained fitters as a matter of principle in line with their overall philosophy. So, you shouldn’t have any troubles or worries regarding the installation of the furniture you buy from Raumplus.

  • Are Standalone Pieces Available?

    You can buy standalone furniture items and modular furniture if you want to. They can be used by themselves or as part of a wider Raumplus design, but that’s entirely up to you.

  • How Long is the Raumplus Guarantee?

    Raumplus believes in quality and that’s why a 10-year warranty is offered on all products manufactured by the company in Germany. If there are any defects in the design or manufacturing, they will be covered by the guarantee, as will any damage caused in processing. It provides you with peace of mind and helps to ensure your furniture is protected long-term.

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